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Miniature Dachshund Language Choice Text
Miniature Dachshund Q-Code Image
Mister Cooper Sleeping mmmmm sausages think bubble Mister Cooper Puppy Photo

Every man, woman, animal…plant….object has it’s positives and negatives….here are just a selection of the Miniature Dachshund’s


Good Companion



Easy to Keep


Good Family Pet


Excellent for Children

Great runners

Lots of stamina

Very Adorable

Very Photogenic

They love company

A Lot of loud barking (when left alone mainly)

Love to dig (Not great for the garden...as I found out)

You must be persistent with training them

Bad Breath

Bad Doggy Odour - This can be caused only by poor care/hygiene or infection

Spinal Problems

If you are buying a pure pedigree they are expensive (£800-£1500)

Hate being left alone

Easily get cold

..snoring !

..oh...and lots of sleeping...as demonstrated by Mister Cooper below !

Smooth Haired Black + Tan & Red Miniature Dachshunds