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Miniature Dachshund Equipment

I am emailed several times asking about clothing and equipment that can be used with Miniature Dachshunds.  I don’t sell any myself but I have scoured Amazon for all the items that are great to use and have high ratings….hence the Amazon links below….please scroll through them and click on the ones you like to review and purchase them.

If you are into any water sports or just like going to the beach you may want to rest your mind about your Miniature Dachshund jumping into the water and drowning. I find that because Mister Cooper has such a long body he really struggles to swim and keep his head above water which is why I searched for a life jacket that would fit him, hey presto ! I found one....don't believe me ? take a look for yourself :

Our Mister Cooper in his life jacket, available from Amazon.

Cooper Laughing In Life Jacket Mister Cooper In Life Jacket