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Miniature Dachshund Clothing

Being such a rare type breed in the public eye and having such an odd shaped body it's to no surprise that clothing...if hard to come by for Miniature Dachshunds.

You really have to spend quite a bit of time to search for any items that will fit your Dachshund properly. I myself bought Mister Cooper a short and long jumper purely for the fact he shivers an awful lot and I thought I'd help him to stop getting cold.

Like with Miniature Dachshund Equipment I do not have my own items I sell but I have trawled Amazon for the items with the best reviews and are very popular for you to see and possibly purchase.  To view all these items click the shop button below to see clothing and other items that may take your fancy.

Below are a few photos of Little Miss Dizzy her new jacket that my wife, Lara made.  Lara is very low in confidence making jackets to the exact size and is refusing to make any jackets until she knows exactly what she is doing.  To encourage Lara about her skills please please click the thumb below to go to my Miniature Dachshund UK Facebook page and like her work……please !

If you would like to contact me with sizes I will keep a note of who you are and next time she makes them I will get back in touch with you.  

The sizes I’d need are :

Distance around the neck, distance around widest part of the chest, distance from base of the neck to top of the bum where the tail starts and lastly the height from spine to middle of their side  (left or right doesn’t matter).  If you can do the measurements in cms please.

Below are a few photos of Mister Cooper and his fellow Dachshund friends in their various clothing :

Cooper’s Jumpers and many many more are made by a VERY talented lady who owns ‘The Knitted Dachshund’.  She is lovely to speak to and does a first class job, you will NOT be disappointed,  Please click the banner below to visit her lovely and stunning website.

Many of you email to ask me about where you can buy a waterproof jacket for your
Miniature Dachshund, below are some perfect jackets you can buy.  I have to bought them
as they are highly rated and they have been perfect for my Miniature Dachshunds.

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