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The Miniature Long Haired Dachshund



Length of Coat



Moderate to Lots

Best Home Surroundings

Flat Area - Garden can be small

General Appearance

They are low to the ground, short legged, long bodied and Compact. They hold their head high and proud. They are replicas of the standard breed. Some say they look like miniature Doberman


4.5kg (10-11lbs)


Their ears frame their face, set near to the top of the head, not to far forward


Length of muzzle exceeds that of skull. Narrow head has a distinctive, tapering appearance, narrowing smoothly towards a small nose


The neck is carried with dignity and has no dewlap


Long, low, compact, muscley and stalky


There is enough length of leg to move freely (for entering badger sets or rabbit warrens). The forelegs are located at where the chest is deepest. The legs have slight outward movement to allow the Dachshund to dig freely through tunnels but this movement must not be exaggerated. If the movement is exaggerated you can risk bowing the legs inwards or damaging major internal organs


Dense, smooth and long


Whole and two colours of red, black, tan, silver, blue, brown. Brindled, tiger-marked, or dappled


Poor temperament, broken tail, lack of deep keel.

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