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Firstly, welcome to the group, we are all here because of a shared passion for the wonderful miniature dachshunds. We want this to be a relaxed, enjoyable group that owners and lovers of Dachshunds can feel comfortable sharing stories and pictures of their little ones. There are no stupid or wrong questions you can ask on here and we hope you feel you can ask anything.

While having rules may seem boring, we have them in place to try and keep this group friendly for owners and lovers of our beautiful breed.

Please have a read through the rules below, if you feel any of them are unfair or need tweaking, then let me know - member input is always welcome 

If you have any queries or suggestions, please message one of the admin team – Aimée ThomasAndrew NorrisAdele Kirkwood, Jen James, Jessica Wilde or Lenny Justine.


- When posting in the group, please refrain from posting anything that may cause offence to others such as overly graphic images, political or religious posts, or anything that may cause arguments – such posts will not be approved.

- Blocking any member of the admin team will result in instant removal from the group. If you have an issue with one of the admin team, please let us
know and we will try to resolve it if possible 

- When commenting on a post, please stick to the topic of what the OP is asking, unless they write a follow up question within their post.

- Do not harass other members, or send private messages of harassment or hate, please respect their views even if you don’t agree (if it is offensive then please notify admin and we will deal with it) and offer constructive and friendly advice without forcing your opinions on others. Everyone enjoys a friendly debate but understand that opinions can be very strong and get out of hand occasionally!

- if someone owns a double dapple or dilute (or any pattern/colour) and decides to post a picture, please be kind. They are posting because they love their dog and want to share, not for a lecture on double dapples/dilutes and health. Please note that promoting the breeding of said colours is prohibited

- Discussions on prices of dogs is not allowed, as there have been far too many occasions of heated arguments – what a breeder charges for their dogs is completely up to them.

- If, at any point, you feel uncomfortable with a post or someone else’s behaviour, then please report this to admin and moderators and we will do our best to resolve the situation.

- This is a closed group, please do not repost anything on our page to your own page or another group, unless you have permission from the original poster.

- We promote positive, reward based and force free training in this group. Posts and comments that promote aversive methods or training equipment will be monitored closely. Aversive methods and equipment are any that may cause physical, mental or emotional damage or stress to a dog e.g. choke chains, pressurised canisters emitting hissing or other sounds, rattle-bottles, water sprays, bark-collars, electric shock collars, “corrections” using a lead or other methods etc

- All members who involve their selves with the buying or selling of goods do so at their own decision. Miniature Dachshund UK will not be held responsible for any sales held. We strongly suggest if payment is made for a raffle, item or donation that it is done so via a secure and protected means i.e Paypal. Anyone who suspects any wrong doing please bring it to the attention of the Admin Team


- We will NOT approve any form of business promotion/adverts for merchandise as separate posts into the group


We do allow puppy advertisement in the group, however have tightened up our rules on this point ;

- If you post advertising puppies without having messaged admin then the post will not be approved, we will not be messaging you so it is your responsibility to do so with us.  We know there are some wonderful unregistered dachshunds out there, but for the purpose of this group, we won't accept litters that haven't been KC registered. The exception to this is during the Christmas period, where we will not accept ANY adverts for puppies.

- While we do love seeing pictures of new litters and puppies, if we see that you are attempting to advertise in the comments (e.g. saying ‘x’ is available/pm for details) then we will instantly remove your post as it will be considered to be advertising without an admin's approval.

- We have also stopped accepting any posts where people are seeking puppies/breeder recommendations to prevent to above rules from being side-stepped.

- Any puppy posts that are followed by comments that are deemed to be involving buying/selling of puppies will be immediately deleted, unless the provisions above are followed.

- We will no longer be approving posts asking for/seeking puppies


- Please note that, although there are health discussions and a lot of people knowledgeable in different areas, THIS IS NOT A HEALTH GROUP.  A diagnosis cannot be made for any health queries, and while some advice may be useful and may have worked very well for others it may be the complete opposite of what your dog needs. PLEASE SPEAK TO A VET.

- If you’re asking about whether you should be concerned about a possible health issue or whether to take your Dachshund to the vet, then please don’t waste time asking on here - time can be of the essence and you should seek help from a vet before asking for any help online.


- Any member(s) arranging a meet within the group do so at their own accord.  They do so by taking full responsibility for member(s) and pets attending the meet.  Miniature Dachshund UK takes no responsibility for any meets organised by member(s).  Any meets undertaken we advise that you all respect the land owners land and also those who live on or around the area(s).    


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