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Other things the judges will look for ;

Cleanliness, deformities, if the dog smells bad, bad breath, the dog’s walk (gait) and your dogs behaviour.

Ensure you get up early in the morning to sort out your dog, equipment and any food & drink for the day. Some shows can last for many hours so be sure to bring food and drink for you and whoever is with you. Your dog may like a snack and water throughout the day….be sure not to overfeed your dog. There would be nothing worse than the judge looking a massive belly busting at the sides. Your dog may be weighed so that could hinder your chances of winning anything.

Leave in good time to get to the show, account for traffic and setting up. When you get to the show ensure you get a brochure telling you times and who is in which event.

Set up early, this will enable yourself and your dog to settle properly before the show starts. Turning up late and rushing around will make your time not very enjoyable. If you have enough time take your dog around the venue to get it used to the surroundings, perhaps have a practise on the ring/arena if you are allowed to, this will help your dog if it is new to shows.

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Entering a dog show can always be a nerve-racking time for most owners. Here you will find a few handy hints and tips about what to do before, during and in-between shows. These tips will hopefully calm some or all of your nerves and allow you to enjoy entering your Miniature Dachshund into any show big or small.

It’s good to note that during a show the

Judges will not purely be judging your
Dachshund against all the others but they
will be looking at your Dachshund against
the parameters of the idealized version of
it’s breed. They will also look at you, the
owner, so attention to detail is crucial.

This can be done in a number of ways. The easiest way is to do a search online for dog shows in your area. Some shows are pretty easy to find online and allow you to book your place(s)online. You can also find out from breeders of the same breed of dog. Remember that your dog must be over 6 months old to be able to enter the show.

As mentioned the judges will also look at you the owner while you show your dog around the ring/arena so be sure to look smart, clean and tidy. As well as checking your dog over, be sure to check yourself over. Make sure all your pockets are done up, nothing is hanging out that shouldn’t be and that you haven’t had any dog dribble along side you !

Do not have anything in your pockets such as money, keys etc this will distract your dog and others from what they are doing. Oh and keep your hands out of your pockets while you are showing, it will make you look untidy.

Shoes are also an important part. Buy a cheap pair of flat and soft rubber shoes. There would be nothing worse than high heels clip clopping around the ring/arena. Same goes for jewellery…big bangles and earrings are a no no they will again distract your dog and others from what they are doing…you may cause a bit of agro doing that.

Showing Your Dog Book

Proper dog collar and lead (Click the linked banner on this page for high quality hand made leads and collars by Hide & Collars which are highly recommended)


Grooming Wipes Logo Link Dog Toothbrush and Toothpaste Baby Fresh Item Link

Grooming Table / Practise showing table,
which can also be used for lunch time

Arm band or card clip. This is for the card
which will have your event number on it

Poop bags for taking your dog during breaks

If you are outside consider investing in
a tent / umbrella, chair(s), a cover for your
dogs cage and towels

Dog drinking bowl

These are only some of the items I would advise on investing. It is down to own personal preference at the end of the day to make your day and your dogs day more enjoyable. The last piece of advise and the most important piece of advise is to enjoy your day..and smile !

Grooming kit (brushes, baby wipes, scissors, nail clippers, doggie
 toothbrush & toothpaste, spray scent…and whatever you think would be suitable)

A dog cage of suitable size for your Miniature
Dachshund(s). A mat for inside for them to lay on
 and a good tip for indoor events is to take a mat

 for under the cage so you do not damage hall,

church etc wooden floors

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A good tip is 30 mins before you are due in the ring/arena with your dog, take him/her for the toilet. It would be highly embarrassing for if he/she was to do a wee (or worse !) in front of the judges.

Grooming :

If you have a mobile phone….get rid of it (in a safe place of course). You would be mortified if your phone turned back on and you got a call during a show. The judges would more than likely, politely, ask you to leave.

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advice on how to train your Dachshund for Dog Shows !