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House Training

It is very important that any if your Miniature Dachshund has any problems with obedience, you nip it in the bud from when they are young. Firm training and lots of repetition will ensure they are set on the path to success. Be firm but remember they are sensitive…especially since you are the ones they love…and you are 50 times the size that they are.

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Potty Training

Like all puppies Miniature Dachshunds are also prone to having accidents in the most inconvenient places. There are a number of ways to combat this. The most popular way is to try puppy training pads, place them in the locations where your pooch keeps relieving him/herself. Try taking them out at least twice a day, if not then leave your back door open for them to go to the garden as much as possible. When they pee or if they have peed, take them straight outside to where you want them to do it in future and tell them 'Pee Pee' or something along those lines....repetition is key to success.

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Grass Burn from Urine

If you have a lovely green garden expect it to start forming a camouflaged look with
yellow dead grassed areas where your furry friend has been peeing. Two great ways
to stop this from happening is, one, to pour plenty of water on the patch where you
know they have been to dilute the urine from burning the grass. Two, you can buy a
packet of 'Dog Rocks' which you put into your pooches bowl of water and will enter
their system and dilute their urine before it comes out. 'Dog Rocks' come in a small
bag and cost about a tenner but are very effective and last quite a long time.

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Miniature Dachshunds will bark for a number of reasons and for their size their bark is powerful. They will bark at other dogs like any other dog or they will bark because they are lonely. Miniature Dachshunds hate being left alone and their barking stamina is impressive, our Mr.Cooper without any exaggeration has barked for over 6 hours without stopping at night. A solution to this can be to buy two Miniature Dachshunds so they keep each other company (if you're well off), leave the radio on for them at night or the TV, leave items of clothing with your scent on it in their cage to keep them calm, leave their special toy in their cage, tell them off every time they bark (a lot of hard work), leave a light on for them or if all fails you can buy a Training Spray collar which is approved by the RSPCA....every time your dog barks they will receive a blast of spray...quite amusing and satisfying when you have been kept up for several hours.

Press play below to hear the Miniature Dachshund Bark

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Historically Dachshunds are diggers as they were designed for digging into Badger's sets or Rabbit Warrens. Therefore they will love to dig your beautifully done up garden. As with us I strongly suggest before you let your Miniature Dachshund out into the garden you ensure the bottoms

of your fence, gates etc are blocked with mesh or something. They will find

their way out of the smallest gaps and you really don't want to loose your

expensive pooch. They will dig carpets or anywhere really so be careful

where you lock them up for any length of time. The only advice I have is

to find somewhere suitable where they can dig to their hearts content and

not cause any damage or worry about them escaping.

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Cages / Crates

Find a suitable sized cage / crate for your Miniature Dachshund. If you only

have one then buy a relatively small sized cage. If you buy one that is to big

they will feel more exposed and lonely when left alone. Try not to buy a

fabric cage because after a time they will dig their way out....they are escape

artists...believe me ! (Click the cage to see some for sale on Amazon)

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Miniature Dachshunds are not vicious as I have previously mentioned however if taught or provoked enough they will bite. Bad habits are to be stopped from the earliest opportunity. If he/she bites or play bites you must hold their muzzle closed (not too firm) and tell them 'No Biting !' they will soon learn, with repetition, the error of their ways. As with children they will find it fun to have their feet or face nibbled, you must also teach your child the error of their ways....obviously you don't need to hold their muzzle !

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Miniature Dachshunds LOVE to play and have oodles of energy. It will be a challenge to

tire your pooch out. Play with them to your hearts content but just remember their size

and the fact they are fragile especially their little legs, spine and teeth. Never push their

legs outwards or too far inwards, you could do some serious

damage to them internally. Watch out for any children playing

with your dog, they can be sneaky when they are rough with

your Miniature Dachshund.

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Tricks can be simple really all you need to do is a lot of repetition. If you are

intending or are taking your Miniature Dachshund for dog show competitions a

good bit of advice is not to train your dog to sit. Miniature Dachshunds are

99% of the time not required to sit during their showing. If you train your

dog to sit it will naturally want to sit and will loose your chance of winning

any prizes or rosettes.

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Night Time

Night time for most Miniature Dachshunds can be the worst time of the day for them. It's the loneliest time for them and can be traumatic. They will bark and dig for hours on end to get back to you.

The best bits of advice are pretty much the same as my advice on

barking at the top part of this page. Another way to prevent barking

or stress during the night is to cover their cage / crate with a dark

sheet or cage cover. This will make them feel more enclosed and

'hugged' if you like. It will also block out some sounds that may

startle them and will also lead them to thinking it is still night time

in the very early hours of the morning when they spring into life.

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Going Out

Again with going out make sure you follow the steps above for 'Barking' and 'Night Time' for your dog. Do not leave your Miniature Dachshund out of his / her cage while you are out, as with any dog will chew stuff, wreck the place and especially with this breed they will dig through your floor. Leave them occupied by the radio or TV to stop them feeling lonesome.

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Other Dogs

It is good for your Miniature Dachshund to socialise with other dogs, however, you must be a bit more vigilant with this breed. Some breeds of dog will see your Miniature Dachshund as a snack and will take advantage of its size....if you're not careful you may risk your

dog being mauled to death. As with our Mister Cooper he

is always scared witless when something larger than him

comes into his zone, he will cower away for safety. It can

be emotionally devastating for your pooch. They will be

very submissive when backed into a corner.

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For more information on how to combat potty training and more clink below

This item below worked a treat for our last litter of puppies….they soon got the idea

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