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Dachshunds have been around for centuries dating all the way back to as early as the 1600s, but some say even further to Ancient Egyptian Times, with the evidence of hieroglyphics showing drawings of Dachshunds.

The main nationality origin of the Dachshund is Germany, however they are now a worldwide pooch.

The term 'Dachshund', means 'Badger Dog'. Other names known in Germany are 'Dachs Kriecher' ('Badger Crawler') and 'Dachs Krieger' ('Badger Warrior'). More commonly know... 'Weiner Dog' but the favourite has to be the term 'Sausage Dog' due to its long and abnormal length in body.

Dachshunds were originally used as hunting dogs, to hunt badgers, rabbits and foxes. The smaller Dachshunds were used for hunting badgers and rabbits, and the larger for hunting foxes. Their small legs and long bodies make them excellent hunters for going underground into badger's sets or rabbit's nests.

The Dachshund's incredible sense of smell for above ground and underground make them perfect for seeking out predators. True to it's name the Dachshund

will not give a second thought to attacking the ferocious and
sharp-clawed badger.  The French have nicknamed the

Dachshund as 'Chien Rouge' of the 'Red Hot Dog,' because

there have been reports of Dachshunds that have tracked

wounded boar or stags for up to two days after only sniffing

a few drops of blood from the quarry.

The Dachshund can be perceived as a small and tepid breed but it is a very brave and courageous little dog. Its bark is loud enough to scare off any prowler and its courage to attack much larger sized predators shows never to judge a book by its cover.

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