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Selling a puppy is by no doubt a big responsibility.  It’s a big task and requires a number of guidelines to be followed to ensure the best upbringing of each individual puppy and the best homing for them.

Firstly if you are not yet registered with the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme, you must ask yourself ?

Am I or are we suitable to become breeders ?

Can we afford the time to look after the puppies and generally care for them in every way ?

Can we afford to register as Assured Breeders, register the litter of puppies, inoculate, worm, microchip, a caesarean should the dam have difficulty in whelping the litter, ensure they have suitable whelping facilities whilst growing up and generally care for each of them until re-homed ?

Do you know what to due during the birth ? Are you prepared for the complications ?

Have the mother and father to the litter been checked i.e. hip scoring, elbow grading and DNA testing. In addition for Miniature Dachshunds there is also the PRA Cord 1 testing.

Would I/we be able to handle & care for a litter of up to 12 puppies for a number of weeks ?

Am I /we in the position to be able to re-home any puppies if it becomes necessary ?

Do I or we have the knowledge to rear a litter ?

Am I / we knowledgeable enough to advise potential owners various aspects of caring for their puppies, including rearing, diet, training and health problems ?

As a registered Kennel Club Assured Breeder there are many things you can do to ensure each puppy has the best chances in life and that the buyer(s) are given everything they need to carry on caring and giving the puppy the best welfare possible.  A full detailed list can be found here CHECKLIST and here ASSURED BREEDER CHECKLIST.  

Here are just a few that you can ensure you can do for puppy and buyer :

Register the litter with the Kennel Club

1st Injections

Microchipping (Generally done at 10 weeks due to their size)

3 or 5 Generation Certificate (This can be done when registering the litter)


Have the correct whelping kit which you can buy here →   WHELPING KIT

Bring them up on the best food which you can buy here →   FOOD

Puppy Info pack (Various information sheets on Miniature Dachshunds/Puppies)

Puppy Pack (Can include toy(s), comfort blanket with parents scent, bowl etc)

Have each puppy fully vet health checked by a qualified vet

4 Weeks Free Insurance which you get when you register a litter as an Assured Breeder

Free Eukanuba Puppy Pack - One for each puppy, again when you register a litter as an  Assured Breeder

Compile a Sales Contract using the Kennel Club’s templated version - HERE

Give photocopies of various documents relating to the puppy and it’s parents

Before allowing any buyer to buy one of your puppies you should assess the buyer(s) for their potential and should turn them down nicely if you don’t think they are suitable otherwise your puppy may go to a home where they will be mistreated and not looked after correctly.  Also with a Miniature Dachshund ensure you advise the potential owners of the health issues and how to prevent back problems.  

Below I have included a Puppy Application Form that you can print and use to help assessing each potential buyer :

If you have any concerns or would like any further advice on breeding please contact the UK Kennel Club by clicking the link below :

If you can answer yes to all of the above then please do apply to the Kennel Club’s Assured Breeder’s Scheme by clicking the Dachshund to the right —>

Miniature Dachshund Portrait Photo 3 Minaiture Dachshunds Looking Up Photo Puppy Application Form.pdf Kennel Club Breed Standards Book Complete Guide to Breeding Book




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